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Top PPC Mistakes For Newbies

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We’ve compiled a list of the top PPC mistakes for newbies so that you know what to avoid. Dodging these common errors will help make your SEM account easier and stronger.

If you’re new to AdWords, it’s easy to get overwhelmed with the checklist of things you have to do. Read what you need to know now!


Are We Who We Say We Are?

By   ,  Path Interactive  |    

are we who we say we areFor years now we have been living behind our online identities. Ever since the hay day of AOL instant messenger we have been creating personas to talk and interact with other people. But is this all just a façade?

A recent tweet from Tad Chef sparked this mindset that we may not be ourselves all the time.

So if we’re not being ourselves, then who are we? Should businesses put effort behind targeting these personas we create? (more…)

The Buyer’s Journey: From Content Creation to CRO

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The Buyer's Journey

The buyer’s journey is a great way to visualize how consumers and potential clients are looking for the exact thing you are offering. Although it typically applies to ecommerce, the buyer’s journey can be applied to any industry.

Consisting of three stages, each section of the buyer’s journey contains their own set of questions. These questions help define what point someone is along their purchasing path. Since the three sections are unique, each stage should offer up content that solves a particular issue the searcher is having along the process.

Content can be in the form of answers to most popular questions that range from cost to comparison, but more on that later. (more…)

Remarketing Lists for Search Ads (RLSA): What You Need to Know

By   ,  Path Interactive  |    

A few weeks ago Google Analytics added the option to create remarketing lists for search ads (RLSA).

What is remarketing?

When someone visits your site, their session is recorded in Google Analytics (pages they clicked on, goals completed, purchases made). Remarketing is a way of using that data to target people who have been to your site before with advertising messaging, and typically the ROI of retargeting is high because if someone found their way onto your site, it stands to reason they were looking for a product or service you offer.

What are RLS ads?

For the last few years remarketing has worked on the display network, meaning if you visit macys.com, you’ll see banner ads for Macy’s on websites you visit (non-Google websites, there aren’t banner ads on Google properties like search, Gmail, maps, etc). RLSA let you retarget to people who have visited macys.com using keyword based advertising on Google search result pages.

For example, Macy’s might avoid bidding on the term watches because it’s too vague and could be someone looking for anything related to watches (watch information, smart watches, watches is a very broad term). With RLSAs they could use their GA data to automatically make a list containing users who have already visited a page on macys.com/mens-watches/, so that it only triggers ads when a user who is searching for watches has looked at Macy’s watches recently. (more…)

Digital Week in Review: Uber’s Giant New Headquarters, Google Cardboard, and The Evolution of Social Media Infographic

By   ,  Path Interactive  |    

In this week’s Digital Week in Review: Uber to get brand new headquarters in San Francisco’s Mission Bay neighborhood, Google Cardboard is the leading consumer VR, and an infographic on the Evolution of Social Media. (more…)