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Social media advertising is a vital part of any digital media plan. It has earned its seat at the table because of its reach and, more importantly, because of its highly granular targeting options. Social media users define themselves by their interests and affiliations, and these user-stated preferences, along with the rich engagement data these platforms collect, allow for powerful, responsive and intimate advertising campaigns that can deliver extraordinary ROI.

Highly Targeted with Incredible Reach

At Path Interactive, we view social ads as being just up the funnel from paid search. We target people who already engage with the brand separately from those who don’t, just as in branded paid search. What’s more, we can often match or exceed the performance of non-brand paid search by tightly controlling the targeting and then quickly optimizing across segments such as age, gender, device, and location.

Even though it can have the impact of transactional PPC campaigns, social media advertising also enjoys the reach of display media. Whereas paid search volume is limited by the number of people searching for your targeted keywords, social advertising is limited only by the number of people who fit your targeting profile.

The Right Approach for the Groups That Matter

And social advertising can be extremely flexible, with different platforms and ad units lending themselves to different marketing strategies. For instance, Facebook video ads are a great way to inform prospective customers about a product or service and start a conversation, while Twitter cards are incredibly effective at capturing email addresses.

Path Interactive has been advertising in Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn since each of them began accepting advertising, and we add new social media companies whenever their capabilities match our clients’ needs (Pinterest and Instagram being two recent examples).   We helped pioneer smart, acquisition-based social media advertising. Perhaps it’s time to get in touch, and let us put our social smarts to work for you.

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