Conversion Rate Optimization

Path Interactive offers conversion optimization services which help you test design and messaging changes to discover what appeals most to your visitors. These tests can work in tandem with SEO and Paid Media efforts to increase the overall ROI of your online business.


Conversion Optimization allows you to test a hypothesis, such as:

  • Are users confused by the steps in my shopping funnel?
  • Will offering free shipping cause more users to convert?
  • Should I lower prices on high margin products in my store?

What are Conversions?

Conversions are actions your customers take on your site. A conversion can include:

  • Downloading a whitepaper
  • Adding an item to a cart
  • Buying a product
  • Clicking a phone number
  • Starting a live chat
  • And more

These conversion events are what differentiate visitors browsing your site from customers.

What is A/B Testing?

A/B testing is a method of testing a change on your website by showing 50% of users the current site (the control) and 50% of users your test layout.

Designing Test: The first step involves outlining and mocking up the test variant. With a hypothesis in mind, we create a new layout that may entice a visitor to convert in a way the existing layout does not.

An example of this is testing a change on a checkout page which gives you the option to combine billing and shipping details into one section, significantly reducing friction for some customers who want to buy a product. Changes like these can result in single to double digit percent increases in conversions, which can amount to a sizeable increase in revenue.

Creating Test: Tests that involve layout or copy changes can be overlaid on your website with an optimization platform. This means you don’t need to make any backend changes and we handle all the work of segmenting visitors to test on as well as handling all of the HTML, JavaScript and CSS changes required.

In addition to creating the test, we can overlay analytics tracking to see how changes affect elements on the site in granular detail.

Reporting Results: We monitor your tests while they run and adjust them if changes need to be made. For tests to be accurate, they need to be statistically significant, meaning the chance the results were random is incredibly low. Conversion rate optimization can’t tell you exactly how much lift a new layout will create, but can help you understand if the changes in a test variant outperform the original layout.

Additionally, we report on results of tests and provide a performance summary. We’ll tell you how many views the test variant had, the conversion rate of the test vs. the control, and make recommendations based on the results.

Start making impactful data driven decisions that positively impact your customer’s experience.


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