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We're starting an analytics revolution. By going beyond the click - and by extending our insights from the first impressions to the closed deal - we're building stronger campaigns by making intelligent decisions based on actual profits.

When Your Analytics Extend Beyond the Click

Smarter digital marketing is a numbers game, and you can't afford to come up short. Search, social & digital media campaigns live and die based on the intelligence they can collect about the customer. Who is clicking? What search path brought them to that decision, and where do they go from there? These are the basic questions any digital campaign ought to be asking and answering.

Deliver Real ROI

Garden-variety digital media campaigns might set up enough tracking procedures to shed some light on how consumers navigate to their landing page, and they are surely going to be watching which clicks convert.  Any digital shop should be able to tell you who is filling out your form and who is picking up the phone.

But if that’s as far as your digital marketing goes, then you’re not going far enough. By integrating our campaign data with our clients’ in-house customer relationship management systems, we can generate unprecedented insights about the long-term viability of the leads that our campaigns generate.  If you are using search, social or digital media for online lead generation, wouldn’t you like to know which campaigns, which ads, which keyword buys, which placements, which geo-targeting really deliver the ROI?

By passing back insights from CRM systems like Salesforce, and integrating them with campaign performance data back into the media buying process, we can discern the true viability of our leads. This yields sharper, more granular reporting that can drive client-side innovation. But we also feed these insights back into our campaigns, dynamically optimizing to focus on the keywords, messages and placements that deliver the highest return on ad spend.

Full suite of digital analytics solutions for our clients

Drawing on our deep experience across digital media, website and consumer analytics, Path is advancing the digital playbook, moving brand strategy from “I think” to “We Know.”

Our clients take advantage of Path’s complete Advanced Analytics toolkit:

  • Measurement and Analytics Audits
  • Custom Reporting and Dashboard Solutions
  • Conversion Rate Optimization
  • UX Analytics
  • Social Intelligence
  • Website Analytics
  • Ad Operations and Tag Management

From competitor and campaign analysis to data attribution and modeling, our team brings clarity to marketing challenges with easy to understand data visualization and reporting.  

Don’t drown in data.  Your business deserves a better understanding of your customers and your campaign performance.  With our advanced analytics solutions, you can depend on actionable insights that will supercharge your digital marketing plan. Contact us.

Conversion Rate Optimization

We offer conversion optimization services which help you test design and messaging changes to discover what appeals most to your visitors. These tests can work in tandem with SEO and Digital Media efforts to increase the overall ROI of your online business. Learn More

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