(not provided) Estimator

Connect with your Google Analytics account to analyze your landing pages to get a better idea of why people are being sent there from Google.

Connect to Google Analytics

What Does Secure Search Mean for Site Owners?

Site owners will no longer be able to view incoming search keywords driving traffic to their site using Google Analytics. This has important implications for organic search optimization and reporting...

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Our (not provided) Estimator gives site owners and agencies a better idea of what got visitors to landing pages on your site.

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  • Identify landing pages that have no keyword data provided
  • Analyze in bulk what most likely landed searchers the those pages
  • Export data to Excel for internal analysis

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The Effects of Secure Search for Your Website:

Those who own websites will no longer be able to monitor incoming organic search traffic through Google Analytics, which produces certain ramifications for organic search engine optimization and reporting. This only affects those who are monitoring organic search traffic; paid search will be left unaffected. To combat this Path Interactive has developed a tool to make an educated guess on the keyword density of your top landing pages.

The following are what site owners can expect as a result of secured search.

Organic Keyword Traffic Performance: Corresponding incoming keyword traffic will no longer be easily accessed with conversion goals in Google analytics.

Non-branded Organic Traffic KPI’s: Monitoring growth in non-branded search traffic will be difficult because branded and non-branded keywords will now be replaced with (not provided).

New Content Ideation Methods: Incoming keyword search terms in Google Analytics will no longer be able to develop the informational web content recommended by Google. Due to this, more creative content ideation and marketing methods will need to be implemented with the help of content and search marketing specialists.