About Path's (not provided) Estimator

Path Interactive has developed a tool to help combat the effects of secured search. Path Interactive (Not Provided) Estimator is a tool that can properly suggest an educated guestimate about which keywords and landing pages are referring traffic. It gives site owners and agencies a better idea of what got visitors to landing pages on the site.

This tool connects with your Google Analytics account and analyses your landing pages to better understand why people are being sent there from Google. Upload the URL to your webpage to have data from your Google Analytics profile produce keyword density statistics and most visited landing pages by date.

Walk through step by step:
1) To use this tool, first you will have to connect to Google Analytics by clicking the blue button that says “Connect to Google Analytics”

2) Next choose from the drop down tab the profile of which you want to analyze the landing page data. Then click "select profile".

This will produce a page of the 20-50 most visited landing pages within that site. You can also adjust the time frame from which the data is being pulled by selected the date in the top left corner.


3) Click on any of the landing pages from the list to see the keyword density of the page.
This will produce a list of word counts and density percentages for most common sets of words.


If you want to evaluate the keyword density of a different page (even if it is not a top referring page) simply cut and paste that URL into the Keyword Density Tool for SEO bar and click "analyze page".