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This is Capitalism was originally created as a multimedia series focused on providing a historical perspective on the free market economy, helping younger audiences understand the proven power of economic incentives to drive innovation, opportunity, and market evolution.

To broaden the reach of its vital message, TIC turned beyond their static website presence and expanded their scope to social media.

The shift required a robust content strategy that would allow the educational resource to maintain a frequent posting cadence without straying from its central message, an aesthetic optimized for social contexts, and a post-promotion strategy that ensured content was reaching the right audiences.

We delivered on all fronts, helping outline a set of content pillars that blended classic examples of capitalist success with those of up-and-coming entrepreneurs harnessing free market principles for positive social change. The developed visual strategy ensured posts across a wide range of inspiration-sources remained visually consistent, viscerally pleasing, and clear in their aims. A successful promotion strategy ensured efficient spend in boost budgets, driving CPL down consistently by surfacing content to truly interested audience groups.

The success on social media was staggering. TIC’s Facebook page accumulated nearly twenty-thousand followers in under two years’ time. Its more nascent Instagram presence is at nearly half a thousand followers as of this submission. Both networks serve as hubs of political and economic discourse, inciting commentators across age, class, and political divides to debate the merits of capitalism and the modern-day relevance of historical success stories. Though comments aren’t always positive, they are consistently thoughtful, passionate, and on-topic, succeeding in the account’s aims: convincing audiences to absorb and critically assess history’s economic lessons.