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Financial institutions, especially ones serving a primarily B2B client-base, aren’t exactly known for their vibrant social presence. Stephens changing that. The Arkansas-based, global-reach financial services firm has figured out how to bridge the divide between authoritative and engaging, crafting a social presence that is true to their tradition-driven brand persona while still providing a wealth of industry insight, employee appreciation, and timely thought-leadership.

Since implementing the new social strategy a little over a year ago, the brand has seen engagement rates and social following spike, while giving fans, community-members, and employees a much-needed outlet for their enthusiasm for and advocacy of the company.

Stephens Inc has managed to grow their Facebook following by 344% year-over-year, without sacrificing community sentiment or straying from their target markets.

Engagement rates have climbed 493% year-over-year, totalling 35.8 THOUSAND total impressions over the past 12 months, with much of the engagement focused on praising the company’s seminal influence on its community, its dedicated employees, and its expertise in all things finance.

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