Davey Awards Submission

Category: Best Promotion or Contest

PROcure offers a “better” line of first aid products that combine wisdom of nature with the power of science. The brand aims to provide a safer option in first aid that cares about wholesome healing without compromising efficacy.​

To support PROcure’s new Rosacare Hydrogel product launch, our team developed a hard-hitting influencer campaign that increased awareness and incentivized product trial with a series of giveaways.

For this campaign, we identified influencers with highly engaged audiences whose core values were most aligned with our product benefits and ethos. We asked influencer partners like Dr. Andrea Suarez (@drdrazyday on Instagram, Dr. Dray on YouTube) to try the products and share their experience with the brand along with insightful product and category information. Influencer content across YouTube and Instagram showcased the products’ efficacy and wholesome experience, positioning PROcure as a trusted expert in wholesome, effective first aid.

Measured primarily with Instagram follower growth and secondarily in online product mentions, the campaign was a resounding success. The PROcure Instagram page acquired 1,602 new followers in 48 hours (434% above goal KPI). Amazon sales also increased significantly, as did Amazon reviews mentioning influencer partners.​ The demand for products grew such that Amazon products were regularly bought out of stock, far outpacing the brand’s fulfillment expectations.

Using influencer testimonials and audience activations in conjunction with hyper-targeted digital media support, the Path Interactive team brought PROcure’s unique Rosacare product to market with resounding success.

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