Davey Awards Submission

Category: Content & Marketing – Professional Services 

Metallic.io is a SaaS data backup and recovery solution, empowering businesses with flexible, powerful data protection through simple SaaS management.

The Metallic team challenged our agency to up the ante on their social communication strategy, customizing LinkedIn and Twitter strategies to stand out within the distinct IT communities and actively participating in conversations and prompting engagement with more timely, relevant, and deeply insightful commentary. 

The Path Interactive team delivered a Social Media Playbook that empowered both in-house and agency teams to communicate the brand’s unique positioning as a relatable, customer-focused standout in the data protection space, with a voice distinct from enterprise norms.

The strategy we documented was designed to achieve three things:

  1. Augment brand awareness, by reaching new audiences with smarter strategies for reach
  2. Build brand reputation, with insights that support the goals and challenges of IT directors
  3. Support sales funnel progression, improving the ultimate performance of lead generation efforts measured via multi-channel attribution

The strategy’s success was built on key principles:

  1. Thoughtful curation and ad dollar-supported targeting with key audiences, so that Metallic’s message reached the IT professionals behind key business decisions
  2. Development of 3 content pillars (landscape briefs, brand strengths, and celebrating wins/showcasing culture) to unify communication vision across LinkedIn and Twitter
  3. Immersive, short-cycle content planning with weekly and daily content ideation in partnership with client teams

The new Metallic social media communications surface timely insights, on-the-pulse industry news trends, statistics, and cultural developments. On Twitter, the brand’s new signature “bite-sized” informational image templates showcase third-party originated data points. On LinkedIn, content shows off company growth and celebrates individuals’ achievement. Together these social communication channels signal Metallic’s essential place in an evolving economy.

Thus far, the work we’ve executed for Metallic using this strategy has had huge success in driving brand awareness with a 500% increase in impressions. The brand’s reputation has also evolved with a groundbreaking 20% increase in engagements across both channels. Social has also become a significant source of assisted conversions, increasing the channel’s assists by 200% in Q2 2020 compared to previous quarter.

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