Primary care has historically been expensive, inconvenient, and overcrowded, with tremendous wait times and weeks-in-advance bookings. But in 2010 four ER doctors came together with a vision to transform this broken system by offering “walk-in” urgent care. Built on the pillars of quality, speed, convenience, and exceptional customer service, CityMD immediately resonated with the New York City public.


In the ensuing 6 years they’d go on to launch 75+ operations throughout Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, and Long Island. Their next target: Pacific Northwest expansion. So they called on us to help enhance brand awareness and visibility online—starting in the Seattle area.



We implemented a multi-channel strategy aimed at driving more efficiency in search and social channels. We optimized Location pages for organic search using pertinent keywords. We also implemented optimization recommendations across Location pages on CityMD’s website and a specific Schema markup. Lastly, we ensured all GMB listings were claimed, optimized, and up-to-date with the latest business information.



To achieve these results, we zeroed in on the following channels:


  • Location Pages: We optimized metadata and on-page content, using a 3rd party keyword tool to make smarter keyword and content decisions.
  • Paid Search: We increased brand awareness through Facebook and YouTube. We also optimized campaigns around highly transactional and informational searches.
  • Mobile-Focused: We emphasized the urgency in users searching “urgent care” and other highly transactional keywords on mobile and doubled down with one-tap calls to the nearest CityMD.




YOY increase in organic traffic, with 38% of all site entrances coming from Location pages


YOY increase in branded impressions


YOY increase in call conversions, while reducing cost per call by 79%

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