Our Results Speak For Themselves

Path Interactive develops deep relationships with clients, and we give the same level of hand-on service to every company we work with, whether it's a major national brand or a dynamic local business.
Case Study

iCIMS knew display ads resonated with their consumers, but couldn’t figure out how to make their data accurately reflect the correlation between views and sign-ups. Path worked with them, using innovative platform integrations and building a custom analytics tool, to connect conversions to impressions on the Google Display Network. The project proved that 24% of offline conversions started with a display impression and earned Path a Google Display Innovation Award.

Case Study
WWE Shop

WWE shows dominate the ratings, but the brand was struggling with executing paid search in ways that minimized spend while maximizing sales. That’s where Path came in. Initially brought on as a triage solution to help WWE restructure keyword bidding to capture lost traffic, Path produced a sales spike so stellar that we were asked to oversee WWE’s entire search program.

Case Study

CityMD was already a major player on the East Coast, but needed help getting its name out as it expanded its geographic presence across the country. Using a keen understanding of consumers’ search and social habits, Path implemented a multi-channel strategy that helped surface CityMD’s services and locations at the moments when they mattered most, leading to a 522% increase in branded impressions.

Case Study
hello products®

It’s hard being the new CPG on the block, no matter how great your product. That’s why hello products®, an innovative oral care brand, asked Path to help them drive market awareness and, consequently, sales growth. Using a compelling web integrations, content restructuring and strategic audience segmentation, we helped Hello ensure they sold 100% (yes, 100%!) of all SKUs on Amazon.