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Path Interactive develops deep relationships with clients, and we give the same level of hand-on service to every company we work with, whether it's a major national brand or a dynamic local business. We dedicate ourselves to learning your business intimately, and then we design holistic digital marketing campaigns that consistently exceed expectations.

Our Results Speak For Themselves

World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE)

WWE is the largest professional wrestling promotion in the world, reaching 13 million viewers in the US and broadcasting its shows to more than 150 countries. Path Interactive helped the brand expand its digital marketing and search programs with superstar results:

  • Within 3 months, Path Interactive increased overall Bing and Google sales and revenue by 127% and 208%, respectively.
  • A new channel helped identify the value of view-through conversions, increasing revenue by 90%, and consequently increasing profitable spend by 500%.
  • The results continue to grow — in 2016 our PPC team generated record revenue for WWE, increasing more than 80% — YOY and 240% since 2013 at an 11% improvement in ROAS.
  • Our team continues to drive record ecommerce numbers year after year; during 2016’s Black Friday and Cyber Monday our team increased YOY revenue by 154%.

Tourism of Spain

The Tourist Offices of Spain engaged Path Interactive to help stimulate interest in Spanish tourism through a Conexion Spain virtual trade show, targeting potential tourists in the U.S. and Canada. A robust social media marketing and advertising campaign drove impressive results, including:

  • A 15% increase in Facebook user engagement through brand-building page content.
  • Over 716,000 impressions through highly targeted Facebook advertising, with an above-industry average click-through rate of 2%.
  • A 53% increase in registration rates and a 40% increase in participation rates driven by a combination of paid and organic social strategies.

Carlton Bates Company

A division of WESCO International, catalog electrical component reseller Carlton-Bates Company (CBC) launched a new ecommerce platform in 2013. The brand and engaged Path Interactive to help drive digital sales across both SEO and PPC channels. Results included:

  • 50% increase in site traffic and 2500 new leads in prepration for the re-launch of the new ecommerce website.
  • A sales-driven e-commerce PPC campaign utilized Shopping Ads and remarketing to bolster 150+ traditional PPC campaigns.
  • Within 6 months, SEO helped drive a 140% increase in organic traffic.
  • Organic traffic as a percentage of overall site traffic grew from 15% to 50% of all inbound visits
  • Organic search channel revenue doubled, largely as a result of a diversification into non-brand keyword visibility.


Part of a fast-expanding urgent care provider industry, CityMD provides a variety of urgent care services in over 40 clinic locations in the New York City and surrounding areas. Our aggressive local SEO/PPC programs resulted in:

  • #1 organic search ranking for local “Urgent Care” terms.
  • Domination of page one results with multi-tiered search marketing strategies.
  • A 173% increase in organic entrances through service pages.
  • Massive increases in organic traffic for local franchises, ranging from 24% to 109% YOY.


A classic American timepiece manufacturer known for offering exceptional value along with wide range of styles and features, Armitron engaged Path Interactive as part of a larger investment in digital marketing to drive ecommerce sales. Results to date:

  • Page one organic search visibility for a range of high-value, competitive terms.
  • Increased website session duration by 37% and decreased bounce rates by 23% with key CRO recommendations.
  • To date, we’ve helped drive an increase of 26% in overall website traffic year over year.


iCIMS is an innovative, fast-growing company providing software solutions and tools to unify all aspects of talent acquisition. ICIMS engaged with Path Interactive to increase offline conversions – product demos – via paid search and display. Path developed a system to match demos back to clicks and even display impressions, allowing the team to see the entire length of each conversion path, and assign value to both clicks and display impression. By doing this, Path was able to:

  • Significantly increase demos, resulting in an average yearly budget increase of 30%
  • Show that display impressions were part of the conversion path for 33% of all demos, and that 24% of all conversion paths started with a display impression.

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