WWE requires absolutely no introduction in the megadome of global powerhouse operations. Since the Hulkamania era they’ve been leg dropping copycat competition left and right, while etching their brand so deeply into the ring canvas that they’re now literally the only name you think of when it comes to professional wrestling.


And brother, have they got the numbers to back them: WWE programming reaches more than 650 million homes in 180 countries across the globe. So, what could one of the most prominent brands in the world want from us? Well, turns out their online ad strategy needed some serious overhauling. So they tagged us into the ring to take care of business.



The good thing about our client is, they already know a thing or two about branding to sell merchandise. At least once a week, their most prominent stars hit the titantron sporting brand-new gear and, as can be expected, said gear starts flying off the online racks instantaneously. Where they struggled was in executing paid search to minimize spend while maximizing sales by optimizing all the in-betweens (cost per click, click-through rate, quality score, etc.). That’s where we came in: by restructuring and expanding keyword bidding structure to capture lost traffic, we produced YOY sales spikes so stellar that, 4 years later and to this very day, we’re still overseeing WWE’s entire paid search program.



To achieve these results, we launched a number of new acquisition channels including

  • AdRoll: Facebook remarketing targeting shopping cart abandoners.
  • Facebook: Ads targeting non-fans to generate demand
  • Google Display: Banners targeting wrestling blogs and news sites.
  • Google Remarketing: Ads targeting shopping cart abandoners.


WWE Shop




Increase in PPC-driven sales in just 3 months


YOY revenue increase


Return on Ad Spend (WWE's goal was 7)

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