For over 15 years, iCIMS’ cutting-edge software solutions have been unifying all aspects of talent acquisition. But when it came to digital marketing, their analytics didn’t vie with their innovative SaaS tech and was hampered by blind spots. Despite initial stellar success in paid search, iCIMS inevitably saw soaring CPC bids as a result of keyword over-saturation.


This demanded pursuit of a new ad channel. iCIMS’ marketing team knew high-level that display was effective, since historically more display spend led to more conversions, i.e. product demo completions. But when microscoped in, the data showed otherwise—display clicks had, up to that point, gotten credit for just 4% of all demo completions. To justify an increase in media spend, iCIMS needed a way to 1) rethink attribution and 2) quantify the real value of display.



Ultimately this case came down to shifting the client’s paradigm to eschew last-click attribution in favor of a more meaningful metric. We needed to pinpoint where display was influencing iCIMS’ product demo completions, not just by actual clicks but—equally as important—by seen impressions. This was the blind spot that demanded uncovering: at the time there was no analytics tool readily available to offer a level of data mining this deep. So we built it ourselves.




Award Recognition

Path Interactive Named 2017 Winner Of Google’s Display Innovation Award in the Americas

Google Premier Partner Award

Path Interactive was selected as the Americas Display Innovation Award winner for its digital marketing efforts on behalf of iCIMS. Path’s work outlined how Path Interactive and iCIMS together used innovative platform integrations and data analysis to connect offline conversions to impressions on the Google Display Network (GDN), ultimately showing that 24% of offline conversions started with a display impression.



Users who completed a product demo had engaged with a display impression at some point along their conversion journey.


Successful conversion journeys actually started with a display impression.


The traditional last-click attribution model gave display credit for just 4% of demo conversions. Our new model showed display influencing 33%, or 7.5x times that.

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