hello products® is an oral care brand whose mission is to “make the world a friendlier place, starting with your mouth.” They’re passionate about delivering a better tasting, naturally friendly™ line of toothpastes and oral care products on their website and to retail stores nationwide including Amazon, WalMart, and Target. Their challenge was one of low market awareness, which threatened sales growth and store distribution of products with aggressive hurdle rates.



hello products® asked that we take a “different” approach to their upcoming 2017 Q2 marketing campaign. Partnering with 72andSunny, we did just that, delivering a cross-platform digital video campaign that focused on driving increased brand awareness and product trial.


Campaign Feature



To achieve these results, we implemented the following strategies:

  • Website Integration: We built a compelling landing page with a strong call-to-action for a sample product offer.
  • Repackaging Content: We repackaged their 2-minute “An Inconvenient Tooth” video into smaller, more digestible digital assets that would resonate better across each digital format.
  • Targeting and Data Modeling: Intent on reaching users that were more likely to take action and identify with the hello products® brand, we created custom audience segments to be applied and leveraged across social, video, and display.
  • Media Delivery: We used key search insights to inform high-valued contextual placements and search ads to ensure our message supported the full path to purchase.




Organic video views through social shares and influencer campaigns


SKUs sold on Amazon—meaning they were completely sold out!


Completed registrations on the new landing page to test hello products® trials (their goal was 50,000)

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