YouTube Brand & Custom Brand Channels: What You Might Not Know

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youtube custom brand channelsEver run across any YouTube custom brand channels? Perhaps you have, but you didn’t realize you were really viewing that video on YouTube’s site. With a YouTube custom brand channel, virtually every aspect of your brand’s video page is customizable. So much so, that your brand channel has the potential to look a great deal different than the typical YouTube theme. With the privilege of editing several parts of channel coding, it’s possible for you to model your video page much like the theme of your brand’s external homepage.

Custom Brand Channels vs. Regular Brand Channels

You might be thinking, ‘My company already has a YouTube brand channel.’ Bravo! Companies utilizing this feature on YouTube currently enjoy the benefits of a “cost free,” somewhat customizable page. With a regular YouTube brand channel, you can implement:

  • A large header
  • A background image
  • Similar branding on your mobile-friendly YouTube page
  • Remarketing/Impression tags
  • Enhanced metrics & tracking

Pretty cool, and super helpful. But a YouTube custom brand channel, used strategically, can blow that out of the water. It’s described by YouTube as “the highest level of brand channel customization made available via gadgets (interactive applications that display content and engage users in colorful ways.)”

YouTube Custom Brand Channel Bells & Whistles

Once you get your hands on the ability to build your own YouTube custom brand channel, you’ll be able to enjoy all the features of a regular brand channel, plus:

  • Gadgets    youtube custome brand channels
  • User Generated Submissions
  • Live Streaming
  • Client Services

All of which “May require media spend.” It’s evident though, this

is an extremely high volume site we’re talking about here. Consequently, if you want to experience these beneficial design possibilities & the amplified usability associated with a YouTube custom brand channel, you better be prepared to cough up some major cash.

How to Get Started

If you’re interested in applying for on, there are a few facts to know & steps to take. A report from The Financial Brand explains that in order to even gain access to your own YouTube custom brand page, your company is required to spend a minimum “$50,000 on advertising over a three month period, a minimum of half allocated specifically to YouTube.” You can begin to see if you’re eligible for this amenity by completing YouTube’s short application which requires you to answer questions about your:

  • Advertising vehicles
  • Monthly budget
  • Advertising goals

Oh, and while you’re waiting the 3-5 business for your application to be processed, you might want to get a head start on reading the lengthy manual presented by Google that details how to approach the creation of your fancy, new YouTube custom brand channel.

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