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How to market through your personal facebook profile

Path TV Episode 15 – Part two

Join guest Larry Sharpe in part two as he explains how he markets through his personal status updates via facebook.

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Duration of Video:  4 min 28 sec.                           

 Ruben Quinones:  Hey! Welcome back we have been here your host for Path TV my guest Larry Sharpe who again I cannot introduce you. Why don’t you introduce yourself?

Larry Sharpe:  I am not a sage —————. You know already.

Ruben Quinones: Last episode we were talking about your face book sites of course how you pretty much putting your personal but you never monitoring your site because you have been in front of monitoring the people. I guess you came up with site updates and where you got those ideas from?

Larry Sharpe: Books, —

Ruben Quinones: Yeah tell me about that.

Larry Sharpe: I pick those from books that is even my field. I make it from schools because I told that I am. I go to schools right so I find sales books or cycology books or books on power, force or even Seduction whatever I can find people who are politicians moving the crowd. But I will not do the standard people find from people they like that’s standard garbage anybody can do that. I find the obscured verbs. The things that are controversial I try to find out and put out there. People will see what I am talking about. I do some course myself this is a rival even of and do that also. I actually

Ruben Quinones: Your purpose to do this is just thinking about your audience on face book.

Larry Sharpe:  Yes 100%.

Ruben Quinones: No I am impressed that’s

Larry Sharpe: I am saying people who like me in general, people who are my world generally some people who came to me because I am met them at some place. Networking event, the child association, friends something I mean they know who I am.  

Ruben Quinones:  Right.

Larry Sharpe:  So I am projecting that so I am. So I project that with quit. So I ask open ended questions very open ended. Like I remember one in the last year I asked what the face of love ? People came out of everything my daughter, Jesus, Lord, my mother, I don’t know, jokes blab la blab.

Ruben Quinones: It has nothing to do with business yet you have that virtual conversation

Larry Sharpe:  Exactly the second point I was talking about. Feel about that 20 people reply at least back and forth if 20 replied then 40 saw it but did not reply, 40 saw and didn’t reply but 60 people who saw at the least 60 people saw that. How long will it take to talk on  phone to 60 people? Very nice to grab those people in better conversation.

Ruben Quinones: Oh that’s very good.

Larry Sharpe:   Instead those people had a conversation with me and obviously my network some credit to me. People are waiting often to get my questions they are waiting to respond to that.

Ruben Quinones: So you are anticipating

Larry Sharpe:   Yes absolutely!

Ruben Quinones: I told you in the way you deliver it to me you are marketing but it is still communicating with people you got a personal touch and I think it benefits you both.

Larry Sharpe:   Instantly why because the second part is one thing and what I feel is I know my audience better. They will know me and I will know them so when I meet them at the next networking event, next association what I am up you know I have meeting people all the time people say  that Larry that’s on face book now. You are doing this, you are doing that now, I started clash with you I saw this all the time.

Ruben Quinones: I didn’t know I want to ask you are you going to do that because now you are using the tool I told you about hootsuite.com. Are you deploying your stacks at most of the networks at the same time?

Larry Sharpe:   Yes absolutely! I do it to LINKEDIN, I do it to face book and I also use twitter two twitter accounts.

Ruben Quinones: Now I am going to disagree and I am going to fetch it in another episode.

Larry Sharpe:   Another episode 3.

Ruben Quinones:  Weeks long and Larry Sharpe is that possible.

Larry Sharpe:   You need 6 weeks.

Ruben Quinones:  This is going to be miracle I have not done with any other guest.

Larry Sharpe:   I love it.

Ruben Quinones: We will be back to back. Alright! Just tune in because I am going to disagree on the stacks

Larry Sharpe:   Very bad so tune in.

Ruben Quinones:    Have a Good Morning, Good Afternoon, Good Evening whenever you are watching this will see you next time takecare.
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