Digital Week in Review: Twitter Opens Hong Kong Office, New Apple Watch and Macbook, and Tinder’s Premium Service

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In this week’s Digital Week in Review: Twitter opens a second office in Asia in Hong Kong, Apple showcases new MacBook and Apple watch, and Tinder rolls out premium level service Tinder Plus.

Twitter Opens Hong Kong Office

seo nycTwitter opened an office in Hong Kong on Monday to help Chinese companies market to people overseas. Even though Twitter is blocked in China, there is still lots of opportunity to make money by using it to market to consumers outside of the country. This is the second Twitter Asia office that has opened this month. The Jakarta office opened last week.

Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook (which is also banned in China) said last year in a talk at Tsignhau University, that the site gives companies an international marketing tool that already puts Facebook in China. Social networking does not need users to make money if companies are paying for advertising and setting up marketing accounts.

“Opening our Hong Kong office now and hiring a sales team to work directly with advertisers across the Greater China market will contribute to our next phase of growth in Asia.” -Twitter VP of Asia Pacific, Shailesh Rao.

The New Apple Watch and Macbook

On Monday during Apple’s event, they revealed the new Apple watch and MacBook.

The watch’s release date is Friday April 24th, the pre-order date is April 10th. It is an iPhone compatible smart watch with a price range of $350 for the entry level sport edition, to $17,000 for the 18K gold model. With the watch you can read emails, talk to Siri, take phone calls, track fitness goals, get Facebook and Twitter alerts, and lots more. However the watch only has a 18-hour battery life which could its Achilles heel.

The new MacBook comes with a price tag of $1299 and is the thinnest and lightest of all laptops without compromising screen quality. It has a similar aesthetic to the MacBook air, comes in three colors and has a 12 inch 2304 X 1440 Retina display. At only two pounds it is nearly as light as Lenovo’s “world lightest laptop” which was showcased at CES. The trackpad has also been updated to allow for two finger scrolling and is now pressure sensitive. To read more about the new MacBook air click here.

To see more videos click here.

Tinder’s Premium Service

seo nyc

This past month Tinder has introduced Tinder Plus, a premium version of the service that provides extra features like the ability to rewind a left swipe or search for matches in a different city. However, there is a new “right swipe limiter” feature. Users who swipe right too often or too frequently in a 12 hour period will run out of likes unless they upgrade to Tinder Plus. Tinder Plus has a cost associated with it too and it is age sensitive.  For users under 30 the cost is $9.99 and for users over 30 it is $19.99.

Tinder Plus also allows users to buy out of seeing ads. Tinder has yet to launch any ads yet but has plans to later this month.

To read more about Tinder Plus click here.


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