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James Connell James Connell July 3, 2018 Category Search Engine Optimization (SEO)


Orthology Physical Therapy is a small chain of state-of-the-art sports physical therapy clinics with locations in the NYC, Minneapolis, and the Long Island areas. The company focuses on speedy injury recovery and effective pain treatment, with the goal of increasing clients’ range and ease of motion.

After working with Path to improve their paid search strategy for two years, Orthology decided to give our SEO services a try as well. They hoped that doing so would help them increase appointment volume through organic search and were eager to see Path leverage its culture of deep integration between SEO and SEM teams.


Given its multi-year experience with managing the account, the Paid Search team provided the SEO team with a comprehensive set of findings regarding the efficacy of keywords, messaging themes, and calls-to-action in each region. As a result of this integrated approach, the SEO team focused on a different set of keywords than it would have had it solely used its normal keyword research process, avoiding spending time on high-volume keywords that would generate few conversions.

For instance, the SEM data showed that Physical Therapy and Injury-related terms were the top performing keyword themes, whereas monthly search volume (MSV) data showed that the highest-volume keyword themes were “Sports medicine physicians” (8,100 monthly searches) and “Chiropractic care” (3,600 monthly searches). Typical best practice would have led the SEO team to put a priority on these keyword themes, but the SEM data showed that they converted poorly compared with Physical Therapy and Injury-Related keywords. Armed with this data, Path’s SEO team was able to avoid spending time on high-volume keywords that would generate few conversions.

Saving time on keyword testing, the team instead focused their efforts on reviewing Orthology’s site, which led them to identify that pages had not been optimized to incorporate top-performing keywords, despite the chain encountering declining revenue from organic search in both 2015 and 2016. By fixing this oversight, the SEO team was able to deliver sizable results – within six months of onboarding the account, organic traffic to the site spiked by 40% YoY.

However, conversion lifts didn’t immediately follow. Noting that the additional views weren’t leading to additional appointments, they sprung back into action, auditing the site’s user experience (UX) to identify opportunities to improve both engagement and conversions, focusing on the location-specific pages for the clinics. The team surveyed the pages with the highest conversion rates, best time-on-site, and best bounce rates, identifying the key design elements that drove conversions:

  1. Highly-visible “Book an Appointment” buttons
  2. Simple pages without excess copy
  3. Links to patient forms above the fold


The teams then jointly designed and tested a new paid search landing page that incorporated the identified elements.


The results of this collaborative effort were astounding. Within months, the client saw:

  • 61% higher conversion rate
  • 30% decrease in cost per appointment
  • 51% increase in revenue
  • 42% increase in ROAS during the testing period

To complete the circle, the SEO team began the process of updating each clinic’s location page with the design elements that worked so well on the landing page, incorporating each area’s top-performing keywords into the page’s content. Since the publication of these changes, these pages have seen an 86% lift in organic traffic and a 16% revenue increase. Piggybacking off these results, the paid team has begun to test the updated location pages against the landing page. Impressively, early results show the updated location pages winning.

How can path help your business?

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