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Why Pay For Clicks When You Rank High Organically

Many advertisers aren’t convinced that they should be running paid ads. They often ask, what’s the point […]

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Path Cares & Brooklyn On Tech Digital Marketing Workshop Recap

On December 6th as a part of the Path Cares initiative, Path Interactive hosted its first intro […]

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SEO Reporting- What Should You Spend Time On And Why?

For people who work in search engine marketing, monthly reporting can be either a grim or a […]

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Tips for SEO: 50 Action Items to Improve any SEO Strategy

On October 8 and 9, 2014, a number of Path Interactive team members had the opportunity to […]

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My Top SEO Discoveries: An Intern’s Immersion

My initial introduction to SEO started like many probably do with a simple search of “how to […]

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SSL and SEO: How to Install a Certificate on Your Domain In Light of Google’s Announcement

With the recent announcement by Google that sites using a SSL certificate will be viewed more favorably […]

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Hindsight is 20-20: How My View of SEO Changed During My Internship

Coming in as an SEO & Social Media Intern at Path, I was not a marketing expert […]

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Call Tracking, Processes, and Impact On Paid Search (Part 1)

Call tracking is a big part of performance marketing. Businesses that are able to track offline leads […]

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Better Index Status Data through Google Webmaster Tools

Have you noticed a significant change in the index status in Google Webmaster Tools? Don’t worry, there […]

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