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Asaf Shakham

Asaf has been a Creative Digital Director for over 10 years. With 17 plus years in the […]

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Evan Greenberg

Evan Greenberg is the founder and CEO of Allscope media, the strategic communications and planning partner agency […]

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Inna Zeyger

Inna Zeyger joined Path Interactive in 2012. As Associate Director of the Digital Media team, she is […]

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Lily Ray

Lily Ray joined Path Interactive as the SEO Director, providing strategic leadership for the agency’s SEO client […]

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James Connell

James Connell joined Path Interactive in 2008 and currently serves as Group Director, Digital Media & Analytics. […]

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Sarah Dryden

Sarah Dryden joined Path in 2009 and serves as the Group Director, SEO & Digital Content. She […]

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Ruben Quinones

Ruben Quinones is VP, Client Strategy at Path Interactive where he provides forward thinking leadership for the […]

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Michael Candullo

Michael Candullo is a founder of Path Interactive and currently serves the executive team as Chief Operating […]

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Michael Coppola

Michael Coppola is a founder and serves as CEO of Path Interactive. Michael brings more than 15 […]

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