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Using Adwords Call-Only Ads and Campaigns to Target New Audiences and Languages

Targeting a new audience can get costly; it’s not just a matter of setting up new campaigns, […]

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Call Tracking, Processes, and Impact On Paid Search (Part 1)

Call tracking is a big part of performance marketing. Businesses that are able to track offline leads […]

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4 Alternatives to Using Adwords

Google Adwords is an excellent tool for any online marketer, but it’s not the best for everyone. […]

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Reading: Mobile website optimization now factors into mobile search ads quality

Google is responding to the surge in mobile web traffic by adding website optimization to the list […]

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AdWords Search Funnels – Great Data For Optimization

If you’re running an AdWords campaign with any sort of trackable conversion, make sure you’re using the […]

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Reading: 5 Reasons Why Brand Marketers Should Use Search Retargeting

Search Engine Land‘s Frost Prioleau explains how search retargeting, also known as remarketing, supercharges your PPC campaigns. […]

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Reading: Google Testing Unique AdWords Format Designed for Gmail

Google posted revenue of $29.3 billion in 2010, much of it coming from paid search. Search Engine […]

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New Google SERP’s Potential Effects on Paid Search

The new Google SERP for local queries de-emphasizes the ads on the right hand side, and will probably result in higher costs per click for ads on the top of the page.

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How Much is BP Spending Online?

BP is reportedly spending 50 million dollars on a recent P.R. campaign and have recently started buying […]

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