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Digital Week in Review: Facebook Announces New Messaging System

Facebook Announces New Messaging System: “It’s Not E-mail”; Mashable
Facebook is handing out facebook.com e-mail addresses to all users. The new messaging system is composed of three parts: seamless messaging, cross-platform conversation history and the social inbox. The latter is an inbox for filtering the messages you want, organized by the people you care about. It’s designed to highlight conversations with your real friends and be spam free.

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Digital Week in Review: Facebook Gets Its First Non-Profit Gift Catalogue

Facebook Gets Its First Non-Profit Gift Catalogue; Mashable
The World Wildlife Fund (WWF) has combined people’s love of gift giving and giving back into Facebook’s first ever non-profit gift center. Timed for the start of holiday season, the WWF has opened a gift center on its Facebook Page that allows supporters to purchase different packages aimed to look like an “adoption.”
The Takeaway: The WWF has launched gift centers in the past, but the incorporation of Facebook marks a larger turn toward establishing Facebook as a fundraising and community hub for nonprofits.

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Digital Week in Review: Twitter Releasing ‘You Both Follow’ Feature

Digital News Roundup is a new weekly segment which highlights the latest in news and happenings in […]

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4 Ways The New Digg Can Add Value To Your Business

Recently, Mashable reported the pending release of the New Version of Digg – the information congregation and […]

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