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The future of Google+?

Let me start by saying that my views may be a bit biased on this because I […]

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Google Plus Shoppable Hangouts

In early October 2013, Google announced Shoppable Hangouts for Google+.  The idea here is that they are […]

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Digital Week in Review

Let’s face it: Social media is constantly changing and it can be difficult to keep up. In […]

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Facebook Search Engine? Can They Pull it Off?

Word is out that Facebook is looking to improve their search capabilities.  Although it seems that it […]

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Are Google Brand Pages Worth It?

Google Brand pages made its debut earlier this week, and the big question is how widely adopted […]

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Real Functionality Added to +1 Button

Until today, clicking on Google’s +1 button on search results, blog posts and other places really didn’t […]

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