Pointing Multiple Domains at One Website

Avatar Michael Stearne January 23, 2012 Category Digital Marketing

Avinash Conda speaks about how to correctly handle having multiple domains pointing to a single website. He discusses canonicalization of the domain names, the effects of backlinking for the multiple domains and how to properly 301 redirect multiple domain names. Unless the domains focus on distinctive different target audiences and products from the same database of information, this strategy is not recommended. Google’s Matt Cutts has tackled a similar topic here.


Host: Michael Stearne.
Co-host: Avinash Conda.

0:11 Michael Stearne – Hello and welcome back to another episode of Path TV. I am your host Michael Stearne and today we have a returning guess Avinash Conda from Path Interactive.
0:20 Avinash Conda – Hello.
0:21 Michael Stearne – Probably our most successive guest, I guess. He gets our most paid views or video views whenever we post them.
0:34 So today I have question about tangential question. People have a tendency to buy a whole bunch of domain names. They might describe their sites in different names and then get all those domain names and point them to the same IP address or to the same websites.
0:58 So the question is for SEO is that a good practice or a bad practice?
1:02 Avinash Conda – Well the simple answer is it’s a bad practice. Google doesn’t consider such practice as good SEO practices. Well any other search engines doesn’t consider as good practice. They are actually a couple of reason why it happens one because the search engine might consider them as duplicate content. And two the link it will literate.
1:30 One domain might have few back links coming in and multiple domains might have different back links coming in see Ten links for every domain and you have Ten domains that doesn’t add up. So you have all that ten domains pointing to one single site, even than it doesn’t add up. You need to have one single name for your website than all you link value adds up.
1:53 Michael Stearne – So back to the link value. If you have different back links to each of this different domain names that you have you are not getting the same amount of value as you would have if you are doing all those links to just one domain.
2:12 Avinash Conda – Yeah, absolutely. Well there is actually a way to handle this; sometimes people might have multiple domains pointing to one single site. You can actually through own redirect the site.  You need to have a preferred URL first, choose one….
2:28 Michael Stearne – In Google webmaster tools?
2:31 Avinash Conda – Yeah, Google webmaster tools and it’s a good practice to actually check which URL have the maximum number of back links so that you can select dose and also URLs which is more SEO friendly, which have better keywords.
2:43 Michael Stearne – So having a phase, you know, if you are targeting a certain key phase have it actually in the domain. This is another SEO practice.
2:51 Avinash Conda – Yeah, one we select that we need  to relate all the other sites to this, so by doing it throughout relate what happen is One we can avoid duplicate content issue and Two we can add upon all the link value. So all the different domain name having inbound links would add up and link value would be more.
3:11 Michael Stearne – It would be more concentrated.  So basically it’s better to concentrate your efforts on one domain name than trying to have a wider short off strategy. And have multiple domain names that are disappointing at the same place.
3:27 So just set up one domain name and go with that.
3:28 Avinash Conda – Yeah.
3:30 Michael Stearne – Great, well thanks a lot Avinash again and thanks for watching whenever you are watching this. Have a good morning, good afternoon, good night. See you next time.

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