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Creating Meaningful Content for your Website

As people in SEO, we know that unique and relevant content is valuable to our sites, but sometimes it takes a backseat to all the technical stuff. As Google cracks down on duplicate content and keyword stuffing, there is an increasing value in creative and pertinent content.

ThinkTraffic recently had a guest post by Adam Costa in which he discussed how he and his wife got 50 guest posts published on the same day. First, they built a list of 1,000 prospective leads. Then they whittled down the list by eliminating any blogs that didn’t reach their minimum requirement of a Domain Authority of 50. From there, they pitched the online publication or blog according to their traffic or brand.

SEOThey created a list of 50 pre-written guest post headlines that gave whoever they were contacting at the online publication or blog a good idea of what their article was about. Then, they selected three headlines they thought would be a good fit for the site and submitted them. Costa emphasized the importance of sending a reminder email about the post and claimed it doubled their success rate. If this is a tactic you’d like to employ, and you want to get all the blogs published on the same day, you should mention which day you’d like them to be posted. You can ask for URLs in advance, so you can promote the post.

There are a lot of similarities in the process they used and the process PR people use when deciding on which trades to pitch to. This says a lot about how the SEO industry is evolving. There is a lot that is usable for larger brands and on a more scaled level for smaller, local clients.

Path Interactive did a content marketing campaign for an online western retail store. We reached out to 43 bloggers, 63% of which responded. This was a dramatic difference in the amount of responses we expected, which was about 25-35%, but we can likely attribute this to the free giveaway we offered to bloggers for review based blogs. Overall the campaign boosted the company’s online chatter significantly. These giveaways spawned social media mentions on sites such as Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Google Plus and Facebook increased, as well as videos. The items appeared in Google Image searches and on Polyvore collections.

Another one of Costa’s blogs, Why I Steal Content (And Why You Should Too), offered some great ways to create new and fun content. Using maps, timelines, and visual data, can help break up the monotony of articles revolving around the same topics. Infographics and videos can also be creative and effective in building an online repertoire. These all are great ways to create buzz in your industry and around your brand.

As people involved in SEO, we sometimes forget that people are involved in the process. Yes, our clients want to rank #1 on Google search, but that is so customers can find and choose them over their competitors. In the end, it’s not ranking that matters to the client, but conversions and sales. That being said, it is important that the content we post be relevant and interesting to the clients’ customers. In the end, the goal is to drive conversions.

If you’re looking to develop a long term strategy to drive leads through your website and are stumped, Path Interactive may be able to help. Through Search Engine Optimization, Paid Media Management and Social Media Marketing, we take a holistic approach in organically building up your website, positioning it through online advertisements and creating dynamic messaging that target your consumers. We have custom-tailored packages for clients at every stage in their business.

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