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Ruben Quinones Ruben Quinones July 2, 2010 Category Design & Development

Heard of Google Voice?

No? Watch on this video to hear about the features, and why you might want to sign up for this free service.

For more features on Google Voice, check out all their features here.


Duration of Video:  3 min 45 sec.        

 Ruben Quinones: Welcome to path TV another episode on Path TV episode number 5. I am your host Ruben Quinones and I want to share with you a feature I worked out about two weeks ago for could much have heard about it called Google voice. This is a feature envisaged by invitation a year ago or actually more than that. I hear about it a year ago and I recently started using it about 6 months ago where we got to set it up.

But what are the two features we really like about it is with Google Voice you have more number pretty much you are anywhere. Right now my cell phone or my landline here at work so if I give someone that number someone calls in and it calls to my office line as well as my landline at work not it my cell phone. So that analyse me to pick up the phone wherever left. You call me at my cell phone and I am at the office send my mails. I am usually needed to call back but in Google voice you don’t have to do that.

You know Gellipe you were guest here in Path TV you go a watch in stores. He was last month’s guest. So taking you through the unedited that is push out here. So Google voice where the feature —- pick up wherever required so that’s much heights to a particular number. So you call me at work you are able to get me at or if you call me on Google voice then you are able to get me. So you can add that feature and you can select I don’t know how many phone numbers four or probably more.

The second feature which I really liked is the transcription of the voice mail. There was one that I don’t like voice mail. I checked of course and get back to you. It’s just a process and I don’t care whether it is full of worth. But you have Google voice is that actually transcribes the voice mail it is not the perfect or best technology transcribing the voice mail. Someone speak clear and may be have accent that may not be able to trap in so correct and accurate. But it will transcribe but most of my words have been transcribed it was unable to read that and you have to check the words web. If I really want to check words web then I can bear my computer to actually check. There are different features for links that you can go through it could be a person going into voice and some of the features that has to be exposed. But everyone should be — because the forum that you have to be invited to. Ok so now you can part take it and you can enjoy the benefits of Google voice. So until next week I will see you and you have a Good Morning, Good Afternoon and Good Evening whenever you watch this and I will see you next time. Take Care.   


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