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The Growing Importance of Rich Data Formats

By Joe Rega, Path Interactive February 25, 2014

Resource Description Framework or RDF has been around for a decade.  Effective today, the World Wide Web […]

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SMWNYC Day Two: Using Google+ Sign-In and Other Platform Features to Drive Growth

By Qiana Mestrich, Path Interactive February 20, 2014

On day two of #SMWNYC Google hosted two sessions, both of which initially seemed like live infomercials […]

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Optimizing your Author Bio: Is it Necessary?

By Ricardo Somborn, Path Interactive February 12, 2014

Ever since the Friendster and Myspace days, coming up with a clever yet personal bio section has […]

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Five Helpful SEO Tools

By Matthew Buntley, Path Interactive January 29, 2014

Working in the SEO field requires a lot of ingenuity, insight, and information. For this, you’ll mainly […]

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What Will a Search Engine Look Like in the Future?

By Steven Sonnes, Path Interactive January 8, 2014

The number of transistors per square inch on integrated circuits (computer chips) has doubled roughly every 18 […]

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Path TV: Google Reconsideration Request

By Leigh Evenson, Path Interactive December 19, 2013

On this episode of Path TV Michael Stearne and Avinash Conda discuss Google Reconsideration Request and how to correct […]

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Google Reconsideration Request

By Leigh Evenson, Path Interactive December 18, 2013

Sometimes your website might, unbeknownst to you, be flagged as spam by Google and have a warning […]

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Path Interactive Rolls Out (Not Provided) Estimator Tool

By Leigh Evenson, Path Interactive December 5, 2013

New York, NY: Path Interactive, a New York Search and Social Agency, has released a Not Provided […]

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Introducing the Keyword Density Tool for SEO by Path Interactive

By Leigh Evenson, Path Interactive December 4, 2013

Path Interactive is rolling out a Keyword Density Tool to analyze; you guessed it, the keyword density […]

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