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Ari & Stephanie: The Newest Type of Google Advertising Professional

By James Connell, Path Interactive October 28, 2009

Earlier this year, Google gave Path Interactive employees the chance to help test Google’s AdWords Certification Beta […]

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Google’s New Keyword Tool: A Review

By Path Interactive, Path Interactive October 22, 2009

Google’s trusty Keyword Tool has been overhauled. Here’s 11 ways it’s better.

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Landing Page Costs – Should I Invest in Landing Page Creation?

By Michael Candullo, Path Interactive October 12, 2009

Clients sometime question the cost of designing a landing page.  Many feel their current site is sufficient enough for […]

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The Importance of Local Business Listings

By James Connell, Path Interactive October 9, 2009

According to a new study, nearly two thirds of searchers expect search engine results pages to list […]

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Does “Harry Potter” Draw More Than Clicks?

By James Connell, Path Interactive October 2, 2009

Microsoft’s Commercial Intent Tool can help determine the probability that a keyword will get you sales.

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Microsoft adCenter Tools Slowly Catching Up With Google

By James Connell, Path Interactive September 25, 2009

adCenter’s new Ad Preview Tool is nice to have, but we wish it would do more.

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Google Broad Match Opens Wide

By James Connell, Path Interactive September 11, 2009

One of our clients, who normally enjoys a conversion rate of about 38%, had only one out of 12 session-based clicks convert over the past week. That’s only 8%!

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Got An E-Retail Site? You Better Have A PPC Campaign

By James Connell, Path Interactive August 14, 2009

While organic links provide more visitors to a site, visitors from Pay-Per-Click ads are more valuable.

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