How Path is Putting Its People First This #WorldMentalHealthDay — And Every Day

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It is no secret that over the past year most of our work routines have been turned upside down. Here in New York, we first got the news that the city was going into a two-week lockdown mid-March. However, as the severity of the pandemic set in and weeks turned into months, it soon became apparent that just making due with the habits we thought we were adopting for a short span wouldn’t work. 

Seven months later, many of us are still working from home and it has become increasingly important to develop workday practices that break up our day, allow us time to refocus, and help keep us sane. For many of us, it has been hard to make time for ourselves, especially as the dividing line between home and office has become more and more blurred. For others, finding ways to concentrate while surrounded by kids, spouses, and roommates has proven a challenge. To help combat some of these common problems, Path has thoughtfully rolled out a number of initiatives aimed at prioritizing our team’s mental well-being and work/life balance. 

Today, on World Mental Health Day we want to acknowledge some of these stellar policies and remind everyone that it is okay to need a break, to be less productive at times, and to focus on personal well-being. 

Here are some of the initiatives that have been recently put in place:

Weekly Digital Mindfulness Sessions

How Path Does It: 

These half hour escapes are conducted by professional yoga instructors, who guide Pathees through breathing, meditation and movement exercises.

How You Can Recreate the Experience: 

YouTube is chock full of amazing guided meditation sessions! Block off some time on your calendar, find a digital guide who’s the right fit for you, and make mindfulness a part of your routine. 

Fall Fridays

How Path Does It: 

A great extension of our Summer Friday policy, these once-a-week early end times allow employees to get out and enjoy the last rays of sunshine on these increasingly short days. 

How You Can Recreate the Experience: 

It doesn’t need to be the same time every week, but make sure you find a 2-3 hour block every week to get outside while it’s still light out. If your calendar is full, focus on meetings during the day and save other work for evening hours. 

Digital Path Fit: 

How Path Does It: 

Just because we can’t go to the fitness studio, doesn’t mean we can’t bring the fitness studio to our homes. Once a week, Path employees are invited to join 45-minute long fitness classes conducted via Zoom. These range from Yoga to HIIT workouts, to make sure we’re hitting on everyone’s favorite ways to sweat. 

How You Can Recreate the Experience: 

If working from home long term is in your future, we recommend taking this opportunity to finally invest in some at-home workout gear. A yoga mat or a set of free weights can fit into even the most cramped apartment and can be great tools in getting your endorphins up. 

In addition to the initiatives above, Path has made sure to remind all of its employees to take daily mid-day mental breaks, hour-long blocks on their workday calendars to enjoy their meals mindfully, and to take staycation days regularly. After all, travelling to a spa may not be the best option right now, but an at-home spa day still sounds just as blissful as ever. 

What are some other ways you’re prioritizing your mental well-being? 

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