Digital Week in Review: Twitter, Kickstarter and Facebook

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In this week’s Digital Week in Review, Twitter adds a video component through Vine, Kickstarter implements more tags to better organize its website and a possible partnership between Facebook and Bing could be in the works.

Twitter Adds Video Component Called Vine

Vine Path Interactive

Today, Twitter launched its first mobile micro video app for video tweeting  through a program called Vine. Video length can be up to six seconds long and is recorded by holding your finger down on the screen of your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad. Currently Vine is only available for iOS but it is in the process, but will be available on other platforms in the future. You can stop and start while recording as many times as you would like during the six seconds to create different scenes. The six second looping clips can be viewed right on your Twitter stream through its Twitter card. Vine also features an audio component so sound can accompany your video too. Users may also share their videos to Facebook. Twitter acquired Vine, a New York start-up company last October. Vine hadn’t yet launched on its own but made its way into the iOS App Store under the wing of Twitter.

Kickstarter Gets Organized

kickstarter path interactive

Kickstarter is a crowd-funding site dedicated to helping those raise money for projects through online exposure within their website. Kickstarter is adding tags to help those who visit the site sort through the thousands of crowd-funding campaigns it hosts. This will entail assigning tags to highlight trends in the type of work for which users seek funding for. The tags will add categories such as:



#Civic-Common Philosophy

#Science- Shared Subject Matter


#Sundance- Accolades

These will be found in the sidebar of the discovery page.

On their website, Kickstarter says: “Over time, we’ve noticed certain themes and trends running through the projects on Kickstarter — some for a week, some for years. Tags give us a new way to share these patterns with everyone.”

Kickstarter is open to taking suggestions for additional tags. If you can come up with a good tag for some of the companies trending projects tweet them at @kickstarter and let them know. What will this mean for entrepreneurs? Moving forward, they may be able to based the tags on their video around what is trending, ultimately gaining more viewers.

Bing Ads May Be Coming To Facebook

Bing Facebook

According to an article by Search Engine Watch, another dimension is being added to Facebook: Graph Search. This possible venture between Bing and Facebook will supposedly feature a new search results page with a two-column layout with Bing powered web results on the left side blended with social information from Facebook. On the right side there will be content from Facebook pages and Facebook apps related to your search.

“Our two engineering teams worked together to advance a unified search experience,” he wrote. “That means that when people want to search beyond Facebook, they see web search results from Bing with social context and additional information such as Facebook pages.”- Derrick Connell Bing VP of Search

When a Facebook user types something into the search bar that Graph Search cannot handle within its own framework, Bing will handle the results. So Graph Search’s ability to answer questions will depend on how often it will have to defer to Bing to complete the request.

Clearly Facebook is making serious headway into becoming a search-engine hub. The question is, will it ever compare to Google?

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