Digital Week in Review: New Zynga CFO, iPad TouchID and A8 Processor, and Facebook “Affirmative Consent” from WhatsApp Users

Leigh Evenson April 11, 2014 Category Agency News

In this week’s Digital Week in Review: Zynga hires David Lee as new CFO/COO, the next-gen iPads to include TouchID and A8 Processor, and Facebook will need “affirmative consent” from Whatsapp users if they choose to collect data.

New Zynga CFO

David Lee has just been announced as the new Chief Financial Officer and Chief Accounting Operator of Zynga, his first day is this Monday, April 14th. Lee is replacing current CFO and CAO Mark Vranesh, however Vranesh will work with Lee over the next month to ensure a smooth transition.

Before Zynga, Lee was the SVP of Enterprise Finance at Best Buy, where he lead corporate strategy and financial planning. His past resume also includes; Del Monte Foods, Leo Burnett and McKinsey.

“David has a deep understanding of business management and a sharp financial acumen that will be invaluable to Zynga’s long term growth and success.”- Zynga CEO Don Mattrick

Zynga , maker of popular web games such as Farmville, has been losing users rapidly. This year Zynga has lost more than half of its monthly and daily active users, according to AppData. Farmville 2 lost around 4 million daily active users in this year alone.

April 23rd marks the company’s first earnings call of the year.

Next Generation of iPads To Include TouchID and A8 Processor

The next iPad which is set to be released later this year, is reported to sport an A8 mobile processor, TouchID, as well as, a rear facing 8MP camera.

KGI analysts state that they expect these new iPads to be released in this year’s third quarter, and hope to capitalize on the “back to school” season. Last year’s slow sales are the reason for releasing during this lucrative time. This is a period Apple usually misses out on when releasing in the fourth quarter.

It is also expected by AppleInsider that both generations of the next iPad mini and iPad air will include Retina. Additionally, rumors that a 12.9 inch iPad is in the works, with a new user interface, to deliver a product for richer entertainment and a better productivity experience.

 Facebook Will Need “Affirmative Consent” From Its WhatsApp Users To Use Their Data

The $19 billion acquisition deal between Facebook and WhatsApp announced in February is still working through the rules of internal regulators. “Affirmative Consent” will be needed of WhatsApp users in order for Facebook to use their data for anything, including advertising. This ruling was made by the Federal Trade Commission.

The whole business model behind Facebook is that it mines data from its users, intending to target them with ads. Users agree to this when they sign up for an account. However, WhatsApp does not use or collect their user’s content and do not advertise to them.  Mark Zuckerberg and reps from WhatsApp, both stated that they are not going to change anything about WhatsApp’s privacy policies. But if Facebook and WhatsApp want to change how or what data they collect from their users, they will need direct permission from their users.

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