Digital Week in Review: Google Offers Finally Makes Beta Debut

Avatar Emily Kostic April 25, 2011 Category Agency News

Google Offers Finally Makes Beta Debut; ZippyCart
Google is ever-so-softly inching its way into the realm of daily deals, kicking off a beta test of its own ecommerce software of deals in the cities of Portland, New York, and San Francisco.
The Takeaway: One can’t help but also wonder how Google Offers will actually fair among sites like Groupon and Living Social, who have respectively rooted themselves as the top two daily deal sites in the world. Really, all that can be said about this risky venture is: good luck.

A New Way to Earn with Bing Rewards; The Financial
Since launching Bing Rewards in September, the Bing Bar has been the main way for members to learn about new offers to earn credits, track their credit balance and redeem their credits for Rewards. Bing Rewards is now available to users on Internet Explorer 7 or later and the latest versions of Firefox, Chrome, and Safari browsers.
The Takeaway: By expanding the ways to participate in Bing Rewards new members are no longer limited to using IE and the Bing Bar. Existing members can now sign in to Bing to continue earning credits when they are on a computer without the Bing Bar installed.

Bing to Breathe New Life Into Mobile Searches; Forbes
Microsoft is making some smart moves in this direction to attract more mobile phone users like sponsoring Tapulous’s Tap Tap Revenge app for the iPhone. Tapulous studio is a part of Disney Mobile which creates top-selling music and social apps for the iPhone platform.
The Takeaway: Microsoft’s sponsorship is a way to attract iPhone users to download the Bing app to get free songs. We think that initiatives like this could help drive greater share of mobile searches for Bing, which could contribute to MSFT’s upside.

Facebook Calls User A Spammer, Gets Sued For $1 In Return; TechCrunch
Some time in February of this year, David Fagin noticed he was suddenly being blocked from sending friend requests on Facebook after the social networking giant for whatever reason labeled him as a ‘spammer’. When it happened again, Facebook told Fagin that he was in danger of getting his account wiped out completely to boot. Fagin, an AOL News writer, subsequently penned an opinion piece, in which he claims being called a ‘spammer’ is humiliating, equivalent to being labeled an online pickpocket or con artist. This morning, he announced he is suing Facebook for $1.
The Takeaway: As everyone knows, suing companies for $1 is always a surefire way to get things ‘fixed’.

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