Digital Week in Review: Facebook, Blackberry’s New Z10 and Super Bowl Twitter Ads

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In this Digital Week in Review, Facebook reports new statistics showing that most of its traffic is done through a mobile device, Blackberry hopes to make a comeback with the release of it’s new Blackberry Z10 and companies take to Twitter for Super Bowl advertising exposure.

Facebook: Now a Predominantly Mobile Experience

Facebook has reported that the majority of its users now access the site through a mobile device (i.e.smartphone, tablet) rather than through a computer.

Being mobile friendly is a great way to enhance access for users all over the world, it also has had a positive effect on advertising revenue. Facebook’s mobile advertising revenue rose from 14 percent to 23 percent in the third quarter and accounted for almost twenty five percent of the overall ad revenue in the fourth quarter.

“I think more people are starting to understand that mobile is a great opportunity for us. Mobile is the perfect device for Facebook for three reasons — it allows us to reach more people, get more engagement from the people who we reach, and I think we’ll also be able to make more money for each minute that people spend with us on their mobile devices.” ‑Mark Zuckerberg

Big names like Walmart and Michael Kors have already utilized Facebook for mobile campaigns to reach millions of potential customers. Since people use Facebook under their own identity, brands are able to serve users ads that are relevant to their demographic.

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Blackberry, Back in the Game?

blackerry z10 path interactive

The new Blackberry Z10 has just been released. The touchscreen and appearance of the device is similar to that of an iPhone. The phone features no buttons whatsoever and is controlled entirely through screen gestures. Will the release of this new phone help win back some of Blackberry’s lost customers? According to Strategy Analysis, iOS and Android grabbed 92 percent of the share of smartphones sold in the fourth quarter. Regardless, Blackberry’s stock has doubled in the past 6 months. However this week, it fell once again by nearly 12 percent, suggesting that the release of the Blackberry 10 may not be the comeback they were hoping for.

To read Cnet’s suggestions for what Blackberry needs to do to be a strong competitor in today’s market click here.

Twitter Set to Score Touchdowns for Game Day Advertisers

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While many companies may want to pay out millions for Super Bowl commercial time slots, there are some that just can’t afford to do so. But what if there was a way receive ample exposure during game day for as low as $120,000 or even for free? Last year Super Bowl buzz on Twitter generated 10,000 tweets per second, rounding out with 13.7 million tweets sent in total and this year even bigger numbers are expected.

Promoted trends cost around $120,000 but are worth it to rank at the top of the trending topics list. Promoted tweets may not be seen by everyone because they are targeted at a specific user base dependent on various criteria but promoted trends will reach everyone and will also appear on iPhones, Android mobile devices, Tweetdeck, and Hootsuite. Taking advantage of Twitter’s massive amount of online traffic is great for companies with a small to mid-sized advertising budget. Considering 95% of online conversations about TV take place on Twitter and many programs air live Twitter feeds during broadcast, Social TV is ushering in a new medium of advertising.


*Images from Likable Media, Tweaktown, BGR Media and AllFacebook a division of Media Bistro.

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