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Social Media Monitoring & Analytics

Get Key Insights Into the Way People Talk About You Online

Social media monitoring lets you know how people are really talking about you. In the relaxed setting of social media, there is a goldmine of customer feedback just waiting to be tapped. Through a carefully orchestrated listening campaign, you can find out what they love and what they don’t, about your brand—as well as valuable insights about how you stack up against your competitors.

And now that social media posts often appear prominently in search results, that’s yet one more good reason to be hyper-vigilant and immediately responsive when consumers write about their experiences with your brand.

Insights That Drive SEM and SEO Efforts

Great social media monitoring doesn’t just track the ongoing background conversation about your company in a vacuum. With our advanced analytics and tracking tools, Path Interactive can measure the impact of all your marketing efforts across all channels in real time, gathering trend data around mention volume, typical conversation subject patterns and more. With these insights about how consumers are responding to a new marketing initiative, you can react quickly to optimize and capitalize on the trends that emerge

The New Key to Keywords

People talk differently when using social media than they do when interacting with a search engine. Social media monitoring can provide new insights and ideas as to how people might be searching for your business and services, as well as those of your competitors.

Finding Meaning in the Conversation

Our tools and strategies are designed to cut through the clutter and cull valuable insights you can make work for you. Our social media monitoring and analytics services include:

  • Social media mention volume and topic pattern generation with expert toolsets
  • Often-used words in conjunction with brand name/topic
  • Identification of patterns that influence volume
  • Overall volume of mentions over time
  • Quarterly “buzz monitoring” reports

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