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Path Interactive Speaking at Market Expo New York

On May 21st 2015, Ruben Quinones VP, Client Strategy at New York search and social agency Path Interactive will be […]

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My Top SEO Discoveries: An Intern’s Immersion

My initial introduction to SEO started like many probably do with a simple search of “how to rank higher in […]

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SSL and SEO: How to Install a Certificate on Your Domain In Light of Google’s Announcement

With the recent announcement by Google that sites using a SSL certificate will be viewed more favorably when ranking search […]

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Introducing the Keyword Density Tool for SEO by Path Interactive

Path Interactive is rolling out a Keyword Density Tool to analyze; you guessed it, the keyword density of a webpage.

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Search Operators Help You Find What You’re Looking For

Search engines use what are called search operators which allow you to refine the results displayed in the SERPs (search […]

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Online Marketing for Doctors in 3 Simple Steps

Online marketing for doctors has in many ways changed drastically over the past few years. The majority of all doctor-related […]

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Path Interactive Leading SEO Course at NYU

This summer Ruben Quinones and Michael Stearne of NYC based search engine and media marketing company, Path Interactive, will be […]

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Can You Solve This Google Authorship Markup Mystery?

Is Google granting authorship to you for article you haven’t even written? Well, you’re not alone.

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Search Engine Optimization New York Course

NY, NY:  With search engine optimization (SEO) becoming one of the main players in internet marketing, it is important for marketing professionals to […]

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