Mobile Holiday Shopping

mobile holiday shoppingAs we close in on the end of the year, 2013 may very well become known as The Year of the Smartphone.  In early 2012, smartphone usage surpassed traditional mobile phone usage in the US; by June of 2013, smartphones represented 60% of all cellphones used by Americans. The majority market share that smartphones now enjoy looks as though it will only continue to increase. So what does the increased prevalence of smart phones mean, especially in Q4? Besides a big jump in Instagrammed Christmas tree pictures, it means an increase in mobile holiday shopping. Continue reading

Google Reconsideration Request

google reconsideration requestSometimes your website might, unbeknownst to you, be flagged as spam by Google and have a warning issued to those wanting to visit your site. The malware that could be infesting your site may be no fault of your own but it still causes your page to come up as spam. This has a negative impact on search engine rankings because Google starts to think that your site may be spreading viruses. Continue reading

How a Search Engine Indexes a Page

There are ~250 million registered domain names on the internet today, billions of subdomains, and trillions of distinct web pages.  Search engines collect all of the text these pages contain by combining millions of specialized computers into what are known as search engine spiders which download all web pages they can reach, parse the content of those pages, and store them in large databases located all across the world.  They are then tasked with taking all of the content stored in those databases and finding ways to use it to rank web pages that match any possible keyword or phrase a user enters in order of relevance.

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Google Quietly Moves to Totally Secure Search

Google Analytics Becoming 100% “Not Provided”

As of Monday, September 23, Google has moved to encrypt ALL searches with SSL (secure search). Almost 2 years after “Dark Google” began and Google Analytics started masking certain organic keyword data referrals with “(not provided),” it looks like the search engine has stopped passing the data to webmasters altogether.

A Tough Year for Organic Keyword Data

Encrypted search is not new; Google’s encrypted search service initially launched in May 2010 on a separate URL ( A year later, Google began masking keyword data belonging to any user signed into a Google Product, and the browsers soon followed: Mozilla Firefox in 2012, Apple’s Safari browser in iOS6 in September 2012, and Chrome in January 2013. Over time, these incremental steps have led to a steady increase in keyword data gaps from “(not provided)”.

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Video Optimization 101

video-optimization-seoVideo content is no different than written content , in that there are certain SEO guidelines that should be implemented when posting it on the web.There are several reasons why you have video content or want to create video content. First off, it improves your chances of earning high-ranking video spots within Google. Also, it reaches out to the busy customers who prefer content in video format rather than text. Lastly, it is a good way to showcase a product or service features that cannot be easily shown through text or image content. Whatever your basis is for a solid video promotion campaign, you want to get your rank on Google’s Search Engine Results Page (SERP).
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