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Digital Week in Review: Facebook Creates FB Newswire, Google Invests in Residential Solar Power, and Social Media Ettiquette

Leigh Evenson April 25, 2014 Category Agency News

In this week’s Digital Week in Review: Facebook creates FB Newswire, Google makes its 16th renewable energy investment, and Best Masters in Education releases infographic on social media etiquette.

Facebook Creates FB Newswire

Facebook is implementing its own version of a real-time newswire, appropriately called FB Newswire. This page will be intended for journalists, and will be powered by Storyful. Storyful is a social news verification company based in Dublin which monitors social media and verifies the authenticity of the information.  Storyful is owned by Newscorp.

The stream of posts will be updated throughout the day and will consist of photos, videos, and status updates. The content will include news, weather and entertainment posts. Each post in the stream will link back to the user who posted it.

“Our goal is that the Newswire will be an invaluable tool for journalists, helping them to tell richer, more engaging stories using public content from Facebook.”- Andy Mitchell (Facebook Director of News and Global Media)

FB Newsire is Facebook’s attempt to get in on breaking news, which is something that Twitter has already been successful with.










Check out FB Newswire here.



Google to Help Finance Residential Solar Power

Google announced yesterday that they have committed to funding $100 million dollars “to create a fund to help finance the purchase of residential solar power installations with SunPower Corporation”. The fund will also include an additional $150 million from SunPower and is meant to offer a program similar to what other residential solar companies provide.


The money will go to purchasing solar panels that homeowners can lease at a lower cost than what their electricity bill would be. So far the program has provided solar panels to approximately 20,000 US households and plans to provide thousands more with the new influx of cash from Google.


“Google is committed to promoting the efficient use of resources and expanding the use of renewable energy. Our partnership with SunPower makes good business sense and supports our goals for a clean energy future.” – Kojo Ako-Asare, Head of Corporate Finance at Google

This is Google 16th renewable energy investment.

Social Media Etiquette Infographic

Bestmastersineducation.com has release an infographic on social media etiquette which provides the reader, statistics, facts and tips.  How can one distinguish which behavior is appropriate for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or Pinterest? Depending on the social media platform you use, there are different sets of unspoken etiquette and rules that one is expected to follow. But if you are new to social media this may not be obvious. The info graphic below is intended to outline a set of “manners” for people on Facebook.

To see the rest of the infographic click here.

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