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Digital Week in Review: Twitter Launches Multimedia in Stream

Emily Kostic September 20, 2010 Category Agency News

The New Twitter is an Attack on All Desktop Apps; Mashable

The new Twitter, which includes includes multimedia features that users can use tab through their timeline, mentions, retweets, searches and lists via the upper navigation options for fast access to practically everything Twitter has to offer.
The Takeaway: Since Twitter came into the market, third party applications have been the preferred method for most power users.  With its new layout, twitter looks to bring those users back to twitter.com for their preferred method of tweeting.

Google.me coming this fall? ; ZDNet
Eric Schmidt has confirmed that we could be getting “Google Me” sometime this Fall. This Google Me service will introduce what Google calls “a social layer” into online search, video and Google Maps.
The Takeaway: Realizing the growing threat that facebook has become, google’s best chance at competing for their over 500 million users will be to leverage their already successful services.

Zagat Offers Group Buying Deals at New York Restaurants; Mashable
Zagat Survey has launched Zagat Exclusives, a new group-buying program that offers regularly discounted meals at Zagat-Rated restaurants, in New York City. Now users can sign up to have deals delivered straight to their inboxes, which will be available for purchase over a short period of time.
The Takeaway: Zagat adopts a new angle in providing deals to consumers, group buying is a unique way to provide deals to consumers and traffic to restaurants participating in the program.  Group buying has already been proved to be successful with model in the last few years.

Foursquare localizes even more by partnering with 20 universities; Foursquare
With foursquare, universities can help students explore their campus by sharing school traditions, information about classes and building hours, and insider tips.
The Takeaway: It’s been said before but social networks seem to really take off when they are initially marketed to a small, niche group.  With Facebook Places starting to heat up,  ironically, Foursquare reaches out to college students.   A group that essentially was what Facebook started off with.

Apple said to prep iPad news subservice; The Register
Apple will soon be demanding a hefty 30 per cent of subscription dollars and up to 40 per cent of advertising revenues for news organizations who would like to offer a mobile subscription to their iPad edition.
The Takeaway: With every new invention comes question over who controls the advertisers – and the advertisers’ money.  Apple has revolutionized the music industry and takes another step in transforming the publishing revenue stream.

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