AdWords Now in Google Toolbar Results

I’ve never seen AdWords in Google Toolbar results prior to today, and haven’t been able to trigger their appearance with any search other than for Orbitz, the online travel company.

A brand new AdWords beta, perhaps?

AdWords in Google Toolbar Results

  • SEO Naturale

    I couldn’t reproduce the ad in a drop down, but I do get the blue text green link top result. I also get it for Target, Craigslist, Mashable, Best Buy, Ebay, Walmart and many other high traffic sites. They all seem to have one thing in common: high traffic sites. Some advertise, some don’t at all. Traffic levels aside, I find it interesting that “Yahoo”, “Bing” an “Google” never result in this treatment. Do let us know if you ever see an ad again.

  • Ari Berdy

    Thanks for the comment, Dustin.

    I’d seen the natural toolbar results you mention; however, this was, and is, the only search I’ve ever seen an AdWords ad for. A query for Orbitz still brings up the ad for me.

    If I see a different toolbar ad, I’ll definitely post a follow-up comment.